We teach the Full Contact Karate of renowned Okinawan Full Contact Karate Master Kyoshi Koichi Nakasone 8th Dan. It is known by it’s ancient name as Ryu Kyu Kingdom Sui-Di Shido-Kan. The style places emphasis on self-defence and includes full contact striking and additional Okinawan Toide techniques of throwing and grappling. We don’t teach a sport, we teach a martial art.

The style covers:
• Kata
• Bunkai (Applications of Kata)
• Sparring
• Partnership techniques (Self Defence)
• Tamashiwari (Breaking)

Classes are taught by Sensei Dusko Trifunovic, 3rd Dan Black Belt, assistant instructor Sensei Lorenzo Nigli 1st Dan Black Belt and Sensei Stephan Maric, 1st Dan Black Belt. We look forward to building a strong and respected dojo with an aim to developing quality Karateka’s (karate practitioners) while promoting respect, friendship and cooperation.