Tsar fight club is a state of the art mixed martial arts and fitness academy based in the western suburbs of Melbourne in north sunshine. Tsar FC employs old school training methods combined with proven modern training concepts in order to deliver the best in martial arts and fitness.

At Tsar we have several Black Belt instructors with national and international competition and training experience Tsar Fight Club can be summed up in 4 words, “STRONG SPIRIT STRONG LIFE”. This motto was taken from a Japanese proverb meaning “If you have a strong belief in yourself and work hard, you will achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life”.

Whether you want to learn a martial art for self defense, compete in martial arts professionally or simply get fit and strong, if you are determined and dedicated Tsar FC can help you get there.

Full Contact Karate

We teach the Full Contact Karate of renowned Okinawan Full Contact Karate Master Kyoshi Koichi Nakasone 8th Dan. It is known by it’s ancient name as Ryu Kyu Kingdom Sui-Di Shido-Kan.


Our Judo school is called Victory Club Judo. Head coach Sensei Dusko Bunijevac will be teaching exclusively at Tsar Fight Club. Sensei Dusko is a world class Black Belt Judo competitor.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Black Belt Instructor and Australian Elite Team Head Coach Ninos Dammo will personally oversee the training and development of our Jiu Jitsu school. His talented student Kris Nini will coach daily at Tsar Jui Jitsu.

Kick Boxing

Kickboxing is a one of the most practical and popular stand up striking arts. It is often the style of choice for most mixed martial artists to cover their stand up striking game. It is also one of the most popular recreational combat sports in the world used for people to lose weight and get in shape.


Boxing has is one of the most popular and exciting combat sports for both participants and spectators. It is one of the most physically demanding arts and it is the reason boxing is quiet unique in that many professional athletes have taken it up to supplement their training program.

Strength & Conditioning

We also coach professional and amateur fighters from MMA, BJJ, Kickboxing, Boxing, Full Contact Karate, and other Martial Arts disciplines in developing functional strength and endurance in their chosen sport. Our fight preparation programs are designed to work in with an athlete’s technical training to provide sport-specific strength and conditioning to go the distance in the cage, on the mat, and in the ring.